Our Incredible Cleanses

Juice cleanses offers a nutrient dense reset for your cravings, can jump start a long term health change and provide immediate living nutrients to support and heal your body. Our juice cleanses are 100% organic, unpasteurized and made fresh daily.* Simply call one of our locations and we will set you up! Free delivery within certain areas, just ask!


The Juice Amour Clean Cleanse*

(most popular)

1 Day- $60 | 3 Day- $180 | 5 Day- $300 Our most popular reboot program. Five juices a day and an immunity shot. Great for beginners and regular cleansers.

Beginner Cleanse*

(everything but dinner)

1 Day- $58 | 3 Day- $174 | 5 Day- $290 A great first reboot. Four delicious juices a day with one of our wholesome smoothie’s or organic salad for dinner.

Master Greens Cleanse*

(low sugar and more greens)

1 Day- $70 | 3 Day- $210 | 5 Day- $350 For our experienced cleansers. A low fruit, high vegetable cleanse that pumps up the weight loss and cleansing benefits.

*If you are getting delivery the juices will be made the day prior. All cleanse sales are final so if you are unsure whether you can do all the days in your cleanse, we suggest trying a one day cleanse first and adding on. All prices include $10/day refundable deposits for jars and coolers.

Please order your cleanse in our online shop, allow 24 hours to ensure juice freshness, or give us a call and we will have them ready when you arrive (pre-pay required).

Questions? Visit our Q&A page or call any of our locations.